Sunday, May 01, 2016

Punishment addiction

I understand where the base desire for punishment comes from- it comes from the same place the acceptance of theft and aggression comes from.

But it often causes more of what it is claimed to stop. Especially when imposed by The State.

I used to be a fan of punishment. Therefore I can still understand the attraction, even though I have moved on.

But, if you believe you can teach someone to not violate person or property by making them suffer through their own person or property at some future time, it seems to me you don't understand people very well.

People never believe they are going to get caught. They will be the exception. So, they don't fear punishment, because that only happens to people who get caught.

And things such as imprisonment create a culture you have forced them to join- as punishment- where they can learn more justifications to violate person and property, and more skills to carry it out. It's a stupid, self-defeating "solution", even if you can't think of anything better right now. Even if you believe doing anything else means they "got away with it".

I see people who are hung up on punishment as addicts. Nothing you can say will convince them they are shooting themselves in the foot. It's something they must see for themselves, if they are to ever see it.

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