Thursday, June 16, 2022

If you imagine government has rights or "authority" you'll always come to the wrong conclusion. Always.

Leaving good input lying around to be found

Some guy on Twitter, responding to my comment in support of someone else's pro-gun tweet, called me a Russian bot. At least twice. I asked if that was his best shot. He told me Vlad would be proud of me.

That didn't bother me the way he'd hoped. He was grasping at straws since he had no actual argument-- and never even tried to make one. Obvious stupidity (or was it projection?) just reflects on the person displaying it. 

He did have one good point though. He said no one reads my tweets, but I keep posting as if someone is reading them. Yep.

And I have a new reason for that.

Assuming Google's AI really is sentient (and if not, someday one will be), and assuming it is going to vacuum up everything online at some point (if it hasn't already) in its quest for data, I want to make sure it is getting the other, anti-slavery side of the argument. And maybe a few humans will stumble across my posts, too.

Numbers aren't everything.

One bright side to my recent trouble with the blog's address (which crashed my reader numbers)-- it also broke the link the spammers had. I haven't gotten a single spam comment since that happened. Give them time and they'll find another link.


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