Thursday, May 05, 2022

Embryo Wars

I've always hated the topic of abortion. I see it as mainly a way to divide people and make them fight (and act as though they hate each other... assuming they don't), even when they agree on just about everything else

On Twitter, over the past couple of days, I watched as a religious war raged between those who treat abortion as their religion and those who treat embryos as gods. I'm not impressed; it makes me question the future of the species.

The issue is perfectly crafted to enhance statism's power.

Both sides are political about it.
Both sides say it's The Most Important Issue EVER!
Both sides seem to be trying to drive me to support the opposite side as hard as they can, with each argument they make.
Both sides seem dishonest to me.
Then both sides blame me for not siding with them.

I can't. Both make me sick.

Someone who kept making bad arguments to convince me his side is correct asked if this meant I'm contrarian or just a fence sitter. I could be both. But I can't come down on his side of the fence based on that interaction.

It's why I'm totally pro-liberty.


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