Thursday, November 11, 2021

Happy Armistice Day

That's something worth celebrating in some way.


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Why cave in to their tantrums?

A commenter told me the proper word for "mandate" is "dictate". I like that. Even though I don't see any positive side to "mandate", "dictate" is even more assertively negative. Good. Brush aside those cozy euphemisms. 

I'd go even further. Any mandate or policy or legislation is a tantrum. A bully's tantrum. "You do what I want or I'll make you suffer!" I've encountered enough bullies to recognize them by their behavior.

Bullies are stunted in their maturation process. Who would let nasty, demanding children-- spoiled toddlers with guns-- run their lives? Often, "children" who've never done anything productive and are now old and wrinkled, physically and spiritually. Bullying is all they know.

I hate bullies-- they are all political whether they are governmental or freelance. And I hate their tantrums. I have no intention of changing my behavior based on their tantrums. 


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