Thursday, August 27, 2020

Shooting in self-defense

If you are being chased by people who are presenting a credible threat and you shoot and kill some of them, you didn't commit murder. You didn't do anything wrong.

If the reason they started chasing you is that you were standing guard over some property they wanted to destroy, you didn't even need to start to run before defending yourself from them.

If you are "arrested" for defending yourself in this manner, anyone involved with the kidnapping is siding with your attackers-- they are admitting they are bad guys.

If someone criticizes your act of self-defense by calling you a "white boy" with "white privilege" they are admitting they are vile racists. Those are purely racist terms. I don't know the guy who did the shooting. He may be a nasty character I would never get along with in person-- I've even heard he is pro-police! That's not relevant.

Of course, new information may come out and change my opinion, but as it stands this is how I see the Kenosha, Wisconsin riot shooting.

Even if he started it and was completely in the wrong, only a complete moron would continue to pursue him and threaten to use violence against an armed person. You're going to back him into a corner so that he believes he has no choice but to shoot you or die at your hands.

Play stupid games; win painful prizes.


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