Monday, January 04, 2016

Who would do such a horrible thing?

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What is your gut reaction when you see a "No guns" sign?

Do you think "Thank goodness! I'll be safe here!"

Or, do you instead recognize the facts of reality?

For me, it is like walking into the restroom of a fast food place and seeing a sign warning employees and customers to not wash their hands after relieving themselves.

Or a sign at the doctor's office saying "Please smoke".

A "no guns" sign is a declaration that your health and safety don't matter at all to the management.

It is an admission that a political agenda based upon superstitions and delusions (but I repeat myself) takes precedence over your life.

What kind of person would do that? Certainly no one you should associate with or spend money with.


The video blogs

I'd like to know what you think of the videos. Right now I'm just kind of playing around with them- getting a feel for it all.

Should I continue vlogging, or is it something I should have stayed away from altogether?

I know they are short- that is kind of the point. So many make these long video screeds- which can be very good- but I wonder how many people stay with them to the end. Especially people who might not already be on the side of liberty.

Like most of my blog posts, I intend to have stuff short enough that the point is made before the unsuspecting statist realizes what is going on and turns it off.

I realize my subject- and myself- are not for everyone.

Also, do you think it is better to have the transcript with the video, or just the video?

It is my intention- if nothing changes- to do a video or two every week. At least for a while.

If everyone hates them, that would be something changing to alter my plan.