Real Liberty

Real Liberty. It means different things to different people.

For some it means that they can use whatever substances they wish, chemical or electronic, in order to numb the pain of a dreary life. For others it means having a fine, expensive machine gun to admire and shoot. Still others only want to be able to "pimp their ride" until it is completely impractical, but really cool. All of these things are important to some people. You may not choose to do the same things. It doesn't matter as long as whatever you choose to do doesn't violate the equal and identical right of any other individual.

"Liberty" is the freedom to do absolutely anything which doesn't violate the person or property of anyone else.

Thomas Jefferson (flawed as he was) hit it on the head when he wrote:
"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual."

At the foundation of liberty is the right to live completely unmolested. It is the ultimate right of association. If you do not wish to have any interaction with someone, then no one has the right to force you to. This is especially true when it comes to busy-bodies and bullies in "government" clothing.

What you do is not anyone's business as long as you are not hurting anyone else. Offending others is not the same as hurting them. Believers in "government" stepped over the line millenia ago by using force to impose counterfeit "laws" on local populations. Thieves imposing "government"-enforced theft, called "taxation", financed other abuses against the productive people whom the governmental parasites fed on. Disarmament "laws" were passed, usually in the name of "safety", in order to keep the people weaker than the ruling "class" who faced no such restrictions.

"Government" probably began as humans adopted a more settled, agricultural, lifestyle. Roving bands of marauding thieves began offering "protection" from other bands of marauding thieves (which may or may not have actually existed) in exchange for goods and services. Eventually, the thieves stopped roving and put down roots in the area that they were victimizing; still demanding their cut of the riches. Unfortunately, the local population forgot what these thieves really were and accepted them as a "ruling class", and less honest members of the tribe joined the parasitic gang. It has been downhill since then.

Liberty is not advanced by working for the government gang. It is not helped by being on the enforcer squad occupying foreign countries or the streets of American towns. "LEO" now stands for "Liberty Eradication Operative", at least if we are being honest. There can be no such thing as a "good cop"- they are the Blue Line Gang; the most aggressive gang threatening the individuals of society. Thinking otherwise, you are simply deluding yourself.

It is my goal to remind people just who governments are composed of, and how they don't exist apart from those individuals. That way we as human beings can get back on track to building civilization after a long detour caused by the thieving parasites. It is amazing the progress we managed to make despite their interference. Imagine where we would be, where we will be, once we give them their walking papers.


Freedom is a large landscape, and to cover it all takes a big map. No one person can explore it all, nor would any one person want to. FreedomLand contains the territories of "gun rights", "medical freedom", "sexual enjoyment", "property rights", "religious freedom", and a multitude of other zones. Some of these zones share borders or overlap with one another. Some are on opposite sides of the map. One person can be at home in many different areas, and may never have any interest in visiting some zones at all. That is natural and normal.

Your area of interest may overlap the area of another person's interest, but there can be two liberty-lovers whose areas have no overlap at all. It doesn't mean you area at odds, though. Only a person who is not on the map at all is against you. You know, someone like a "government" employee. Sometimes even a cretin such as this has a point where their perpendicular philosophy of authoritarianism intersects the map of FreedomLand. But that is just because perpendicular planes can intersect. That just means that on a particular point, they have the right idea. It doesn't mean they are right anywhere else, or that they are on the side of freedom.

So grab your map and get out there and check out the scenery. You'll like what you discover! To paraphrase a quote: "See Freedom First!"
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