Saturday, February 18, 2023

What does it cost you?

To stand back and let people steal from you or your business (or in your presence) does something bad to your humanity. I still suffer emotionally from one such event from around 35 years ago-- because I chose not to act.

To allow people to dictate the words you use also does something bad to your humanity. To participate in a lie degrades you.

Sure, I understand those who say just let it go. If you can just let it happen without getting worked up over it, you might have an easier time of things.

So what if a shoplifter (or a violent mob of them) is blatantly stealing from your place of business? Insurance will probably cover it and it's not your property they are taking (unless you own the business). It's best (we are told) to just stand back and let "the professionals" (refuse to) handle it later. What does it cost you to stay uninvolved?

Why care what words you are told you must use? Truth is subjective, right? You might hurt someone's feelings if you don't go along or if you insist on using the correct terms for people or things. What does it really cost you?

What does it cost?

I think it costs plenty. There's something lost if you allow yourself to be cast aside and trampled by the current thing. Be it the acceptance of theft or participation in dictated lies. I understand why some good people might choose to not make a scene. I also understand why some might put a foot down and refuse to go along no matter the cost to themselves.

Sometimes there is a cost either way and you've got to decide which one you're willing to pay.

I'm doing this for you.