Friday, March 03, 2017

A self-advertised hypocrite attracts attention

I am not a fan of Holy Pole Quilt (AKA The US Flag). However, this is an interesting local(ish) situation brought to my attention.

These are flapping on a pole at a cop's house in the Big Town just west of here:

I couldn't figure out what the top sheet represented, but my contact said he thought it was a Dallas Cowboys item. After a little checking, I believe he is right.

But, obviously, the bottom rag is a proclamation that Blue Line Gang lives matter more than yours or mine.

My contact says that doing this kind of thing to Holy Pole Quilt is "illegal".

Could be. I don't care about that, but what does bother me is that this cop, who my contact says is also "a reservist" (a government military thing), would gladly molest people for doing equally harmless things that he disagrees with. And you know he would. It's a requirement of his gang membership.

I have no issue with him proclaiming himself a terrorist (as all cops are), nor with him showing his love for a sportsballing team. Flags only have meaning if you give it to them, and other people's flags are not your concern. However, if you are going to be committing acts of law enforcement against your neighbors, you might want to consider not being a hypocrite.

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