Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Stay mad, monsters

The unhinged reaction of the despicable anti-gun bigots to one of their boys being stopped before he could rack up a high enough body count shows why I can't take them seriously.

They are actually mad this time because a 22-year-old had a gun in the mall (oh the horror!) and shot the evil loser before he killed more people. Not mad at the evil loser, mad at the guy who saved lives with his gun.

This is how you know it's not about "gun safety". It never has been. It's about disarming you.

No one, Shannon. No one "needs" to hear your worthless opinion on this event. Or any other. He wasn't illegally carrying. His age isn't an issue. Killing a mass shooter and saving unknown numbers of others isn't something a good person would condemn. And prohibiting government from preventing this type of mass-saving event is exactly what the Second Amendment was written to do-- among other things you also wouldn't like. It's no wonder you soon deleted your ignorant, bigoted, and downright nasty words.

The anti-gun bigots are blood-dancing mass-murder groupies. Either stupid, evil, or both. They are not on your side. They are not on society's side. They've chosen instead to side with evil losers, both freelance, like mass-murderers-- and professional, like politicians.


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