Friday, July 15, 2022

Keepin' it clean

There are members of my family I can't introduce to some of the best liberty advocates' ideas because of the language used by so many of them. George Carlin for example. He had some great points that need to be heard. But some people simply wouldn't listen past his first "$%&#".

I think it's a shame that they won't hear him out because the ideas expressed are valuable.

So many times I've wanted to share a post with someone in my family, but didn't because I knew the language would be all they focused on.

On the other hand, they still resist those I can share. For a variety of reasons. 

Still, that's why I try to "keep it clean", even though I'm not bothered by words. Of course, I'm not really a cusser (OK, not externally) so it's easy for me.

Of course, others are probably turned off by something I do, or the way I say things, and would prefer someone else's approach. That's fine. There are enough options that there's someone for (almost) anyone.


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