Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Be pro-life AND pro-choice

Anti-abortion is not the same as pro-life.

Not unless you are also against prohibition, cops, prisons, the military, and government in general. Then you could claim to be pro-life and I won't consider you a hypocrite.

I know no one personally, in real life, who is anti-abortion and also pro-life.

Instead I know a lot of people who are anti-abortion for religious reasons, and who are also supporters of prohibition, cops, prisons, the military, and government, supposedly also for religious reasons, and who don't seem to recognize their hypocrisy.

On the other hand, pro-choice is not pro-liberty if your choices differ from the choices they want you to make.

To be really pro-life would mean you are also really pro-choice. 

Choose to not prevent people from living free of being violated, controlled, robbed, kidnapped, or being forced to deal with people they'd rather not. Choose to not prevent them from living according to their own religious beliefs, while you live by yours. Choose to not prevent them from engaging in acts you feel are wrong, as long as they don't force you to go along or fund them. Choose to not prevent them from doing anything they want, as long as they are not using violence against the non-violent or those who are not violating private property, and are not violating the property of others.

Sure, that will mean people will do things you think are wrong. Just like you will be doing things others think are equally wrong. Both of you can speak out, ridicule, and insult the other. As long as you don't physically attack or trespass- which necessarily includes making up "laws" to try to impose your will on the others.

If you are attacked or your property is violated, defend yourself. If you see someone else being victimized, defend them if you want. There will be consequences. Accept them, or don't act.

Be truly pro-life and pro-choice.