Wednesday, July 13, 2016

There's Polite Society, and then there's reality.

Throughout history, Polite Society- the "nice people" whom society embraces and welcomes (including newspapers and other mass media)- has honored or worshiped those who use aggression and theft on behalf of the State. At least, that particular Polite Society's State.

Polite Society cheered the goose-stepping swastika jockies.
Polite Society applauded the soldiers who indiscriminately slaughtered Native women and children.
Polite Society supported the cops for killing scary "Brown People" who dared venture to the "good side of town", or those cops who turned a blind eye to the freelance bullies who did it.

The news media of the day reflected this support, and probably did more than its share of creating it.

Today, it hasn't really changed one bit. Even if the bullies and their victims change a little depending on time and place, the story has always been the same.

If you want to be a part of Polite Society, you worship government's thugs unconditionally.
"Without them, there'd be ANARCHY!"
"Rough men, doing rough things, so you can sleep sound at night."
And other silly platitudes.

How about the truth: bad guys, initiating force and theft, unhinging actions from consequences, making you less safe- but fooling you into believing you'd be in danger without them agitating desperate people to strike against you and yours.

See, this is why I am not welcome in Polite Society.

I want to be seen as a nice guy, not as a jerk. But, if accepting theft and aggression is necessary for that, the price is just too high.

Cops ARE scum. As are politicians, copsuckers, and everyone else who supports the State.

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