Friday, September 20, 2019

I can be a thoroughly modern Neanderthal

Well, not an actual Neanderthal, just a primitive sort of person.

I used to cause amusement because I'd be wearing my buckskin clothes with a cordless phone (back in those pre-cellphone days) on my belt. What people failed to understand was that I wasn't playing dress-up. That was me. I wasn't dressing to impress or amuse. Those were my clothes, and sometimes I needed to have the phone handy. The phone was a necessary accessory, appropriate to the era in which I live. Just like the Bowie knife beside it.

There are things I like about the present and there are things I like about the past. I mix them together when it's useful.

That's why I carry a couple of lighters, but I also carry stuff (and the knowledge) to make a bow/drill fire easier. I'll use medicinal plants, and I'll take modern medicines. I like LED flashlights and I like candles and kerosene lanterns. I think it's sad to ignore all the glorious inventions and discoveries of the past just because they are from the past when (and if) they are still useful today. I also don't reject modern stuff just because it's modern. If I find something useful from any time period, I'll use it and I may even like it.

That also means that if some horrible, evil statist said something that's true, it's still true and I'll still respect the words, regardless of who said them.

Be adaptable. Use what's available and useful, without abandoning what's right.

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