Thursday, February 11, 2021

What America needs most

You know what America needs? More insurrection. 

You know what didn't happen in Washington, District of Cowards on January 6, 2021? An insurrection. And that's a shame.

At least some insurrection would be healthy.

an act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government.

Yes, emotional people showed up at the capitol. They didn't revolt. They didn't rebel. They didn't resist. At least not in any meaningful way. They just wanted to preserve the statist status quo. And then they left when told to do so, without accomplishing anything. 

This was a protest by government-supremacists who passionately supported the established political government, protesting against what they saw as a fraudulent attempt to change the political figurehead*.

There's no such thing as "civil authority" since that's just another manifestation of the superstitious belief in political "authority".

For the Criminal Cowards of congress to yammer on and on about an "insurrection" is for them to lie-- probably intentionally and knowingly. For their nasty little co-conspirators in the national mainstream media to keep using that incorrect word for what happened is an attempt to mislead people in a poorly veiled attempt to legitimize a pointless impeachment.

I'm not falling for the lies.

Impeach me, next. What does it matter? I think (and have said so before) that impeachment should be automatic upon every new president taking office. Start it before sundown on the first day, every time without exception.

Why am I stirred up over this?

I had the misfortune of going into a store where the proprietor was watching Impeachment Theater. It was the first I'd seen of it and it was even more stupid than I had imagined. The melodrama! I got out of there as fast as I could, but I had already been subjected to too much.

Now, maybe some of those congressvermin were scared for their lives. Good. It's about time they felt a hint of what their victims feel every time they threaten us with more legislation. When they get together it is a mortal threat against you and me. What they experienced was nothing by comparison. I have exactly zero sympathy and think they deserve more of the same on a weekly basis.


*I never supported Trump, but I hate Biden much more, for specific reasons.  And Harris will probably even be worse when she takes over for the old zombie.


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