Tuesday, September 05, 2023

My shopping list is nagging me

Losing the local PlastiCrap World showed me a flaw in my preps.

So many times recently when I've used something up, instead of immediately replacing it, I think "I can't spare the money right now. I'll get it next time I'm here."

Well, now I'm either going to pay more at the stores that are still available nearby or pay more for fuel to get to the cheaper store (where I also have a discount card). My list is nagging me every time I think about it or add something else to it. Everything I use now feels like failing.

I should have bought what I needed to replace when I used up one of them.

It's not that anything critical is running low. It's just that I prefer to replace things as they are used, and I slipped a little behind on that. Now I'm paying the price.

Don't repeat my mistake, but learn from it. Don't put off getting what you know you should get when you have the chance! Don't let your preps nag you into guilt after you put off getting things too long.


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