Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Going along to get along vs. Lines in the sand

I understand why people tend to go along to get along. I do the same when I can. But there are lines I won't cross.

I won't perform the pledge of allegiance.
I will not worship with a national anthem.
I will not honor cops or troops.
I won't pretend any form of political government is legitimate.

I just won't.

For that matter, I avoid places and events where these rituals are likely to occur. It just makes it easier, because I simply won't participate no matter what.

But there have been times I was caught by surprise and got dirty looks.

Most of the time I say nothing to anyone doing any of those things in my presence. It's none of my business what they worship. If only they would be as courteous toward me.

But they can't.

Anyone not performing the rituals must be confronted. Even threatened. Which makes me dislike their rituals even more.

I want to get along with most people. I'll even go along with some things that don't seem too important in the long run. It's a balance. I have no illusions I get it right, but I try.

But don't try to shove me across one of my lines in the sand.


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