Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Here's that &#@% hump again

That's how much I need to get over the financial hump that has been building. If you would like to help, I would appreciate it.

If you'd like to subscribe in any of the various ways which are available over to the right, which would help eliminate the cause of that building financial hump, I would be thrilled.

Also, a separate issue is that I'm still trying to help get together enough money to get someone else's broken and recurringly infected tooth fixed. Still need around $200* for that- if you contribute to my Go Fund Me campaign, that money will only go toward the dentist, and not toward the $173, because as much as I need the other, the tooth is more pressing.

If you aren't able to help, or don't want to, that's OK. But I have to ask. Sorry.

*Insurance covers all but $400, I have collected $183 (after the Go Fund Me fees) toward the dental charges. The dentist won't even consider fixing the tooth first and working out a payment plan for the balance- that has been asked repeatedly. The alternative is going to another dentist... who doesn't take the insurance- which only means more money will be needed.)

Do the hard thing

Standing up against wrong is hard.
Doing right can be hard.
It is scary.
It can be dangerous.
It will have consequences.
It could kill you.
It is still right.
It is your responsibility.
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