Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Be unreasonable (according to monsters)

Being "reasonable" with monsters who want to violate natural human rights-- and who claim the right to define "reasonable"-- is what got us here. 

Yet, the monsters keep demanding we "be reasonable" and compromise with them some more. 


It's never going to be enough to satisfy them.

I don't care if v*ters won't side with me because I'm being "unreasonable". 

I don't care that government will continue to criminalize me due to my "unreasonableness". 

I will not negotiate with criminals for my liberty. And they are criminals, by the only definition that matters: those who violate, or encourage others to violate, the natural human rights of others,

Just NO.

They will do what they will do, but they'll do it without my help or cooperation, and without my agreeing that what they demand is in any way "reasonable". It's not.


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