Saturday, March 18, 2017

Strange, hollow "love"

If you hold a government "job", especially one that requires you to archate and therefore be subject to legitimate self defensive violence from your victims, you must not love your family very much.

I think of that every time I hear of cops, "troops", and IRS employees being killed on the "job".

Other people seem so concerned about the family left behind, but what about the bad choices made by the deceased? He or she made a conscious decision to archate for money on behalf of the worst gang on the planet. And sometimes choices have consequences. Sometimes those consequences are fatal. And sometimes that death is well-earned and deserved.

I really can't see the person making the choice to be an aggressive thug or a thief as someone very concerned about the welfare of those who love them. If you'd violate others for money, where would you draw the line? Any line you'd draw would be highly suspect.


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