Thursday, June 06, 2024

More potential fake "felony" convictions

Hunter Biden’s gun “crime” trial is exactly as bogus as Trump's hush money trial, and if Hunter is convicted, it will be as illegitimate as Trump's conviction.

I'm no fan or supporter of Hunter Biden, either. But wrong is wrong. And this is wrong.

Smart, ethical people would toss the case, void the rule, abolish the ATF, scold the prosecutors, and remove them from their positions of power. They shouldn't be allowed to victimize anyone ever again.

Government has no legitimate "authority" to punish drug use or abuse.
Government is specifically prohibited from restricting firearms and all other weapons in any way. Form 4473 is therefore forbidden by the Constitution, and lying on an illegal, illegitimate form can't be wrong.
He's not even accused of using his gun to violate anyone's life, liberty, or property. There is no crime alleged, only counterfeit "crime". So Hunter Biden, in this case, did nothing wrong. 

Those who are prosecuting him are the criminals. The same as those who prosecuted Outlaw Trump in his "34 felonies" trial. The "justice system" delivers the opposite and needs to be abolished forever.

Consistency, people. No specific individual victim; no crime. Prosecuting or convicting anyone under such circumstances, no matter who it is or how you feel about them, is the real crime.

Thank you for reading.