Tuesday, February 27, 2024

The domestic threat

It's true in every country around the world. It's especially true in America: Government is the biggest domestic threat. Yet, government is a foreign power. 

The US government is not American-- even if (bad) Americans are the majority of its workforce. It is an occupying force with interests not aligned with the life, liberty, or property of ordinary Americans.

If Chinese saboteurs replaced every government employee, you probably wouldn't see much difference-- it would still be a foreign power being the biggest domestic threat to America. 

Except that none of your neighbors would care if you defended yourself-- your life and your liberty-- and your property from the replacements. 

The amount of theft, kidnapping, and general archating might even go down because the veil of legitimacy would be gone. There would be nothing for the crooks to hide behind. It's hard to see a downside.

Here are some of the