Monday, October 23, 2023

Real liberty is really offensive

Liberty is offensive-- at least some aspects of liberty will always offend some people. The more you adhere to the principles of liberty, the more people you will offend. That's too bad, but it's just how it is. No point in getting too worked up over it.

I was inadvertently subjected to some television "news" the other day. Every political tragedy, political disaster, and political comedy (which statists treated with Gravitas rather than seeing it realistically) they were reporting on could be traced back to government violating someone's liberty. Sometimes multiple governments violating liberty from a variety of angles.

I could clearly see how liberty could have solved, or at least mitigated, the problems they were yammering on about.

To propose how liberty could make these issues go away is going to offend people who love their pain.

To point out that States aren't the only governments, but that mafias, Hamas, cartels, etc. are also governments will offend people who hallucinate a difference where there is none. To point out that some of these governments may, at times, be worse than others doesn't mean any of them are good is going to be offensive to those brainwashed by statism.

To propose to do away with governments and their disastrous anti-liberty rules will scare and offend lots of people. But it's the only real solution, whether they want to face it or not. And they don't-- they'd rather keep playing musical chairs on the submerging deck of the Titanic as the frigid water swirls around their waists.

You can't keep "reforming" and tweaking a criminal gang and expect it to stop behaving like a criminal gang. That's crazy. 

The sane solution-- even if it's unpopular to face-- is to abolish (by withdrawing support) the criminal gang and replace it with nothing. Those who want to keep living in pain, and sharing this pain with you, will say this would only create a vacuum that something will have to fill-- and they'll only accept more of the same in that vacuum rather than a real solution. Don't fall into their trap. 

Let any resultant vacuum be filled with freedom tempered with responsibility; Liberty. Nothing less will suffice. Certainly not some other flavor of slavery.

If that's offensive, you're probably on the wrong side.

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