Thursday, September 21, 2017

The State-- societal cancer

A lot of liberty lovers aren't very fond of society. I'm not one of them.

Society can be good or bad. Just like some cultures are better than others (depending on their level of acceptance of archation), so are some societies better.

The State is a cancer on the good society. A parasite, draining the life out of the society, replacing it with rot and death. Replacing the social benefits of the economic means with the destruction of the political means. Choosing theft and aggression over voluntary interactions.

If a society develops cancer, maybe it means the society was already a bit sick; cancer isn't going to cure the sickness. Unless you consider death a "cure".

Maybe if you are suffering in a bad society, having cancer killing it off isn't all bad. But the chance of the State being worse than the society is too high-- societies can be good or bad, but there is no such thing as a "good State". Those odds are not in your favor.

Be grateful for the good things around you. Recognize the bad things-- and reject them.

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