Thursday, August 03, 2023

"Justice system" blowing on their own house of cards

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I DO NOT support anti-gun bigot politician Donald Trump. Do you want to tempt me to support him? Keep trying to get him.

As much as I hate Hilary Clinton personally I would see anyone indicting her over and over as a crooked idiot. (But she's an Untouchable, so this will never happen in the real world.) I would be tired of the nonsense and I would want it to stop. This kind of vendetta would just make me hate the prosecutors as much as I hate her (which is an immeasurably high amount).

If Charles Manson had been found "not guilty", and a determined prosecutor kept finding new charges to bring against him because he "had to" be found guilty so he could be locked up forever, I would feel the same way. Being crooked for a "good reason" is still wrong.

The Department of Justice is the villain; a bigger threat than any individual bad guy.

I realize the motivation in this specific case is to stop Trump from becoming president again, and they don't think they can prevent it without doing this sort of thing (cheating) to tip the scales in their favor. When you don't have a candidate you think can win without tilting the playing field, you tilt the playing field. However you can.

I don't think they realize-- but maybe they do-- that they are making Trump's fans rally behind him with this constant legalistic harassment. They make him look like a victim of a corrupt system. Which he is, but so is everyone else and this just shows how corrupt the system has become. Long term, it's going to hurt the supposed credibility of their corrupt system. Maybe more than it can recover from.

So on second thought, maybe this is just what is needed to collapse the whole house of cards and get everyone to see how illegitimate it really is. In that case, make Trump a martyr and keep on trying to get him. It would be worth it.

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