Friday, February 21, 2020

Die, NASA. Die.

Long ago, I was a fan of NASA. Even though it was government. I even told people that I wouldn't mind so much being "taxed" if I could make sure only NASA got all the money I "contributed".

That time is long past.

Now I despise NASA and want to see it die-- not to be replaced with anything.

NASA just serves as the border patrol for the "up" border. Making sure the tax cattle can't escape. It is in the business of preventing human space exploration or even human space travel, except on a very small scale. With the "proper permits".

NASA-- along with the equally evil FAA-- imagines it has the "authority" to allow or deny access to space; to deny people the freedom to leave earth and government behind.

Humans will never leave Earth behind if NASA has any say in the matter.

This alone is enough reason to kill it off permanently.

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