Saturday, July 09, 2016

A few observations on cops

The outpouring of love for cops that has occurred online since the cops were killed in Dallas makes me sick. I mean, actually sick.

Against my better judgement I posted several thoughts and observations on this- not the specific incident, but just about all the fawning over cops I saw.

So, I'll share them here. You can decide if I'm crazy, like some said...

If you get upset when cops get killed "in the line of duty", but don't feel the same when burglars, muggers, rapists, and other freelance bad guys get killed for "just doing their job", too, you might have a problem being consistent.

The idea that 'people should just put up with the violations of murderous bullies because those bullies wear badges' is horrific.

I have spoken to cops and people in training to become cops.

If you believe they aren't being trained to view you and me as "criminals they just haven't caught yet", you are delusional.

They are being carefully trained into an "Us vs Them" mindset, and you and I are the "Them".

They are also brainwashed into feeling entitled to do whatever they want, and expecting you to still worship them for it.

They are being trained that you have no rights other than those they allow you to have, and that their word is LAW. Instant compliance is compulsory, and the penalty for hesitation is death.

Cops are the most aggressive gang in America. The Blue Line Gang. They are NOT the good guys. Period.

If you support them, you are part of the problem.


Giving thieves, murderers, and other aggressors a pass because of their "job" is absurd.


I will suggest a way I think is much better, in most cases, than shooting cops... if you care to listen.

I think a better tactic to use against cops would be for people to simply ignore their worthless hides.

Do what you are going to do as long as it doesn't violate anyone else- regardless of the idiotic opinions of lawflinging bullies and their hired thugs. Ignore the enforcers and stand with those doing so when it looks like the Blue Line Gang is going to violate them. A solid line of gritty, determined defense for their intended victims would cause them to back down faster than a prosecutor facing a Clinton.

Shun them in business and personal life. Turn your back (figuratively, and literally if you don't think they are likely to shoot you in the back at the moment) anytime they are present.

Cops don't deserve respect, they deserve contempt. They have earned it in spades. It's time they are paid their wages.

Cops are where the boot heel of tyranny meets the human face.

Yet, they believe they are entitled to continue committing acts of enforcement against their ethical and moral superiors without consequence, because consequences for their behavior are so rare.

They are shocked, angered, and stunned when consequences catch up to them.

I want one of two things to happen:
either cops change their behavior to the extent they are no longer cops (no longer violating life, liberty, or property as part of "doing their job"), or I want them to face consequences daily; each and every time they enforce a counterfeit "law" or otherwise violate someone.

I don't "need" cops, and neither do you.

I've said this before, but it bears repeating:

It's not always smart to do what you have a natural human right to do.

You always have a right to defend yourself and others from aggressors or gangs of aggressors. Always.

And, cops are aggressors (and thieves).

But, they are a popular gang. They are getting less popular, through their own actions, but they are still too popular to successfully defend yourself from and survive. They are outnumbered on a massive scale, but too many of their victims still come flying to their defense.

So, work on eroding that popular support, and maybe you'll never have to defend yourself from the Blue Line Gang.

It is NEVER OK to support cops. There is no excuse for it. Don't coddle those who do. Supporting cops is as disgusting as supporting rapists and murderers (those who aren't cops, too, I mean), and those who do it should be reminded of this fact.

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