Monday, January 09, 2017

The Constitution- not even good toilet paper

The Constitution was a really bad idea to begin with, but it doesn't even do what its supporters claim it could do. If the US fe(de)ral government was once "limited" by the Constitution, then I guess I don't understand what "limited" means. "If only we had held the government to it". Ha ha ha!

Anymore, "Constitutional" just means "whatever the court decides government should be able to get away with". If the government wants it, it will be constitutional enough. Especially if following the Constitution would require disbanding huge segments of the Fe(de)ral government- such as the BATFEces (and every other clearly unconstitutional agency) and all the "laws" they impose and enforce.

No more military. No more departments of education, "the interior", or anything else. No more FBI, NSA, TSA, etc., etc. No more "Social Security", ObamaCare, Medicare/Medicaid, subsidies. No more income tax (or IRS). No more War on Politically Incorrect Drugs. In fact, practically no more fe(de)ral government at all. At least 99.999999% of the US fe(de)ral government is obviously, with crystal clarity and no room for quibbling, prohibited from existing under the Constitution. An honest reading would require it be instantly, without hesitation, abolished and disbanded. No adjustment period allowed.

And the courts won't allow that to happen, no matter how dishonest they have to be to keep the scam going.

It doesn't even matter if anyone with a reading comprehension level above that of the average 10 year old can see that such an agency or "law" clearly is not permitted by the Constitution- if it serves the State, it will somehow be "constitutional".

As in cases like this.

I can't even bring myself to care anymore about constitutionality- and I did care back when I began to explore liberty seriously. I mean, I knew the Constitution was a failure, but I wished it hadn't been. Now I see it as nothing but an excuse to impose a State.

Those who still see some legitimacy in government, and some value in the Constitution, may mean well, but they are no friend of liberty. They are supporting their own worst enemy. Stockholm Syndrome, for sure.


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