Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rose Wilder Lane in 2013

I've mentioned that I have been reading Rose Wilder Lane's "The Discovery of Freedom".  I just finished it.  It's a great book, and I highly recommend it.

It is a very optimistic book.  More so than history has shown was justified.

If I could travel freely through time I would love to go back and get Rose (she was quite a hottie!) and bring her back with me to 2013 and show her around, then get her take on what has happened.

She called the belief in authority a pagan superstition, but then she believed that the US Constitution would prevent - well, America in 2013- from ever happening, because of "the people".  She thought they would never permit it.  I think this is clearly another superstition, pagan or otherwise.

Near the end of the book she spoke of the tragedy of compulsory schooling (I refuse to call the indoctrination "education").  She knew it was anti-liberty and dangerous.  Did she know how bad it would turn out to be?  I wonder if she'd be surprised at how thoroughly its application has eliminated the expectation of freedom from most of its victims' minds.  I also wonder if she'd be shocked that freedom wasn't the only casualty, but that literacy (in all areas) has been severely compromised as well.

The Constitution failed to do as she was confident it would.  Few Americans know what freedom and liberty are anymore, and fewer still wish to be "burdened" with them.  The pagan belief in "authority" seems to be back with a vengeance, and America's Rulers are pursuing a global empire, not of freedom, but of socialism and aggression.

It would be truly interesting to see if she'd still have the optimism she displayed in the book, or if she'd be looking beyond the next phase of the Revolution for hope.