Monday, December 12, 2022

Expect pushback

One thing that people seem to have a hard time learning (or remembering) is that if you push someone too hard or too far you shouldn't be surprised when they push back. Because they will.

Look at the current political situation-- it's all pushback, from every side against whoever pushed them too much. Those who feel they've had their rights or their "freedom" limited are pushing back in political ways.

If you treat some people as "less than", don't be surprised when they fight back. Whether their feelings on the matter are justified or not, they'll use their victimhood to gain political power and then use that power against you because of what you've done to them in the past. 

But, if they go too far with their pushback, they shouldn't be surprised when they get pushed back yet again. It's not a pendulum; it's being actively shoved from side to side.

Left-Statist Twitter users are angry that Twitter has started fact-checking them now, along with their opposition. But they were perfectly fine with Twitter actively censoring anyone who wasn't a Left-Statist under the old management. In fact, they denied it was even happening and laughed at anyone who said it was. The situation has changed. They thought they were special and above accountability. They don't like it at all when the shoes are on both feet.

What they call the promotion of "hate speech" (no such thing), "white supremacy", and the Republican Party is simply a slight shift back toward the middle. They are so far Left-Statist that even slowing the plunge toward their side looks to them like a hard turn to the other side. This Red Queen has to run as fast as she can toward the Left to stay in the ever-moving "center". Enough is enough. Unhitch from them and let them run off into the ocean and drown. There's no appeasing them. There's not even any reason to push them-- they'll do it to themselves. Just wait them out.

If Musk ever does end up pushing them too hard (for real, not in their fevered hallucinations) they will push back, justifiably so. Hopefully, as long as they are only imagining a push they won't be able to do any lasting damage. But hallucinations are powerful in those without a foundation of worthwhile principles. So I wouldn't say they have no chance.

If only people would stop trying to govern everyone else. It's OK to share the world with people who have different values-- and I'm speaking to all sides here. What's not OK is trying to legislate other people into slavery that you imagine would be good for you. If you do this, expect pushback. You probably won't enjoy it.


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