Monday, September 01, 2014

MIB sighting scrambles my brain

Recently I saw something that made me consider actually heading straight for the nearest police station.

What on earth would make that course seem reasonable?

As I was driving along a back road I saw a solid black car with very dark-tinted windows and a driver's side spot light (also solid black) but no markings whatsoever. Of course, I instantly thought "government". It looked like something the Men in Black (the "real" myth, not the Will Smith movie version) would drive.

It was pulled off the side of the road in a rather random way- almost looking like an accident.

I drove on past. After a mile or two, I saw it coming up behind me. I wasn't "speeding" or anything- not that it matters to the enforcer vermin. But he passed me and got behind a car which had been several car lengths ahead of me the whole time- and which also was never "speeding" or doing anything any enforcer could frown upon. The MIB car's turn signals were very different from any I had ever seen- very high-tech and a line of little orange lights in the rear window. And it was sporting a New Mexico government license plate.

He followed for a mile or so, and after the road we were all on came to an intersection, and the followed car turned right (as I also did after him), the MIB car turned on some flashing lights unlike any I had ever seen on an enforcer vehicle- they were the same little orange lights that had served as the turn signals. As I passed I saw the odd red flashing lights in my rear view mirror which were in his front window. There may have been blue flashers on the passenger side, but the car he had pulled over was blocking my view somewhat.

Something didn't feel right on many levels.

I was thinking I wouldn't have stopped for that car without witnesses around. The nearest place I could have counted on to have witnesses was the police station a mile or so on down the road. Unsettling thought. They would have probably rolled over for anything the MIB car's occupants wanted. But, sometimes, you can get various enforcers to fight for "jurisdiction"- which might help the situation.

Quickly I realized that is probably a losing proposition no matter what, once the MIB alert to your car. Absent a button to push to instantly neutralize the threat and erase any record of them noticing you, you're going to take damage.

It's really disturbing when something can make me think- for even a minute- that it might be "smart" to go to police for "help".