Monday, June 17, 2013

Anti-liberty bigots

I love that term: "anti-liberty bigot".  It drives them mad.

Yet it is completely honest and applicable.

The most enjoyable use of the term is against those smug anti-gun advocates.  They go berserk when you point out their true nature.

"Bigotry" is an automatic bias against something.  It doesn't only apply to "race", gender, sexuality, or things of that nature.  The "progressives" would like for you to be ignorant of that fact, though.

"Liberty" is the freedom to do anything that doesn't violate any other person's equal and identical rights.  Liberty isn't a "pick and choose" buffet- each bit is an inseparable part of the whole.

Anti-liberty bigots can't stand being called out for their bigotry or for the fact that they are enemies of liberty- which basically means they are advocates of slavery.

People who advocate for anti-gun "laws" have an automatic bias against liberty.  Often in more ways than just that one.

If you believe a private business owner should have his right of association violated by force (from government employees) if he chooses to refuse to do business with certain people based upon their "race" or sexual orientation, then you are an anti-liberty bigot.  The business owner is also some kind of bigot, but his flaws don't justify yours.  He is within his rights (as long as he doesn't attack or steal), and he will suffer at least the loss of that potential customer's money.  If I find out about his bigotry, he will also lose my business.  Why would I want to trade with someone who refuses to trade with people who are not initiating force or stealing, but who just happen to be something (?) he hates?

You have every right to be an anti-liberty bigot or any other kind of bigot.  And everyone has the right to defend themselves from you if you take it beyond bigotry and put it into action by initiating force or theft- or make a credible threat to do so.  (Don't think you'll escape consequences by advocating having someone else do so on your behalf.)  And I have the right to refuse to associate with you in any way, even if you stop short of aggression.