Monday, April 29, 2019

Statists are tired of hearing my opinions-- even when they don't

"Anarchy can't work. People need to be governed."

OK. Whatever you say.

Once someone expresses this religious belief there's no point in further conversation. They won't be swayed by reason, logic, evidence, or anything of value. No matter what you say, they'll have a laundry list of objections and clich├ęs-- mostly the same few restated differently so they seem like new scholarly "observations".

It's why I'd rather talk to you.

They are tiresome. Whiney. Willfully blind or at least shortsighted. And they prefer it that way.

Yes, I sometimes learn things from listening to them, but mostly it involves realizing how much effort they put forth to stay inside their tiny bubble of ignorance. The mental contortions they put themselves through! And the really stupid notions they keep accepting and defending-- things they'd never accept about something they weren't so attached to.

I know it's not nice of me to say these things, but I'm tired. Mostly I just want them to stop ordering me around and robbing me. Stop trying to make me act as though they are reasonable or good. Just stay out of my way.

I'm irritated that it seems to be so profitable to lick boots; to be a part of the problem. And it makes one so popular and socially accepted. Sometimes, I admit, I almost wish I could lower myself to their level.

I'm tired of being expected to praise "laws", schools, troops, and cops, and hate "illegal immigrants", independent businesspeople, and drug users... and I'm tired of the eye rolls when I say even the mildest thing which goes against those popular opinions. I seriously don't talk about these things outside of my blog unless someone else brings it up first and expects a reply from me. And then, if I do say anything, I get told they are tired of hearing my anti-government opinions.

It happened again today, out of the blue, when I was sitting silently, wasn't even speaking and hadn't said anything about government (or other archators) all day. Probably just as a way to make sure I still knew I'm not acceptable, in case I had forgotten.

Well, stop praising aggression and theft and stop bringing it up in my presence and you'll never hear a word about it from me. It's honestly not something I often feel the need to discuss face-to-face. But, yes, I will have expressed these opinions at some point in the past, and you might be able to remember that I said something of the sort, even if you don't remember the point of what I actually said.

On the other hand, those around me speak negatively about cops and government way more than I do. But only when they feel these things will negatively affect them personally-- and they seem to feel the effects a lot. They feel that as long as someone else is being governed good and hard, it keeps government busy and off their own backs.

I think this is a self-centered way to think about it. I don't want you or anyone else targeted by these molesters; I don't only think about myself. But they don't want to hear me say it. So I usually don't.

You know, if I hated people I would be a statist. But I don't, in spite of their best efforts, so I'm not one.

Writing is my job.
YOU get to decide if I get paid.