Monday, November 20, 2023

If you had to choose only one…

Often I’ll see people discussing which *something* they would choose if they had to “choose only one”. Frequently this is on the topic of guns, but I think it applies to just about anything. Cars, knives, friends, flashlights, shoes, clothes... it seems this is an almost endless rabbit hole.

What I suspect might be a better question is, could you make do with whatever you find yourself left with?

Using firearms as the convenient example, if you didn’t have a choice, but found yourself in a bad situation with only one of those you already own, could you make it work? Even if it weren’t the one you’d have chosen for the present situation.

If not, maybe you need to work on that.

That might mean trading off some that wouldn't work and getting some that would. Or it might involve honing your skills with everything you have available-- who knows which will be at your disposal in an emergency?

When TSHTF we often don’t get to choose what’s in our hand, pocket, or otherwise with us. I’ve been there and you probably have too. Can you use what you’ve got or will your world come tumbling down while you pine for what you wish you had instead?

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