Friday, August 18, 2023

Cops as victims

Most cops are victims. Victims of brainwashing and bad information.

I suspect most cops honestly believe they have rights above and beyond the rights possessed by everyone who isn't a cop. They don't, and if they believe this it is a clear sign that they were misinformed.

A typical cop believes he is the only one with the right to wear his gun into a post office or a courthouse. This is the result of bad education resulting in a lack of understanding of what rights are.

A typical cop believes he has the right to stop travelers who are going faster than some arbitrary speed and extort money from them. And shoot them if they resist the attempted robbery. A cop won't keep his "job" if he questions this extra "right" that he's told is his.

Being a victim doesn't excuse their behavior, but it can explain it somewhat and help us understand why they act as they do. 

There is still no such thing as a "good" cop.


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