Friday, February 07, 2020

Your next excuse for government has already failed

The only excuse for government is either to keep us from killing each other (Hobbes) or to protect our natural rights (Locke).

So what's the next excuse when it becomes obvious government isn't up to either task-- and in fact, is the primary threat and instigator?

When cops are allowed to kill us, government fails on the first point. Ruby Ridge, Waco, wars, 9/11, school shootings, and just regular everyday murders all prove government not only fails to prevent people from killing each other, but is also one of the biggest offenders.

When government allows those killer cops to kill unarmed (and armed) people and violate our rights in various ways with no real consequences-- when government controls our movements, demands we get licenses for exercising all manner of our natural rights, and taxes, fines, zones, and "eminent domains" our property, it utterly fails the second.

The excuses for government don't stand up to the reality of government. The next excuse statists dream up has already failed before it has even been imagined.


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