Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri, Micheal Brown, and Darren Wilson

Other than a few comments on other sites I really haven't been saying much about Ferguson, Micheal Brown, and Darren Wilson.

Well, I guess I'll speak now.

First off, I don't need cops, so I don't want them doing anything on "my behalf". Period. Disband them all and send them home, and give their equipment and guns to the people who have been forced to pay for them.

Secondly- I don't want cops approaching and confronting people for any reason; not for walking down the middle of the traffic lanes or anything else. If someone, insanely, calls the cops for a specific reason, then I suppose it's different as long as the cop goes straight to the person who called and leaves everyone else alone on his way. But, otherwise, cops should stay in the donut shop and out of the community at large.

Thirdly- if anyone is approached by an armed goon (with or without a badge), whom you have reason to suspect will initiate force against you, fighting him is a reasonable reaction. I have zero sympathy for cops getting beat up while they are out committing enforcement. Sure, they have every right to defend themselves- but I believe that is true of any thug. Even if one is attacking me and I try to shoot him. Being a thug can't magically make self defense wrong- I just always hope the thug (he who started the confrontation) loses his fight.

Fourthly- the killer cop didn't know about the robbery Brown is posthumously being suspected of committing, so approaching Brown was not justified by that possibility. If Brown robbed a store, the people present had the right to kill him in the act- the cop doesn't figure into that at all.

Fifthly- If you are going to riot and loot, using police brutality as an excuse, TARGET THE COPS AND THE POLITICIANS WHO HOLD THEIR LEASHES! Striking out at people who didn't do it is stupid and makes you into nothing but common thugs who also deserve to be killed. There are all sorts of courthouses, police stations, police cars, DMV offices, and other government facilities which would be perfectly justifiable targets for destruction and looting. So, go after them, not the innocent (who admittedly have more appealing stuff to take, I suppose).

Sixthly (spell check is losing patience with me here)- This goes along with Fifthly, above: Targeting people who aren't burning and looting stuff with your heavy-handed enforcement is stupid and makes you into nothing but common thugs who also deserve to be killed. That includes targeting reporters, photographers, people going about their daily lives, people driving through the area, and everyone not currently initiating force or violating private property.

Seventhly- Adding militarized enforcers to the situation NEVER makes things better. Want protests to get violent? Send in the clowns... uh, cops. That will guarantee violence. And the more militarized the cops, the more violent the situation will become. Pretending otherwise is stupidity of a monumental nature.

Eighthly- Any time a cop fires his gun, is involved in a car wreck, or anything else on the job- and probably off-duty, too- his name should not be kept secret. It makes him look guilty, and reasonable people will assume his bosses know he's guilty and are trying to cover it up. If you are a tax parasite you have no right to expect privacy from your employers' (the "taxpayers") scrutiny. If you don't like that you can quit and get an honest job.

And that's all I can think of at the moment.


Welfare of the worst kind

Almost all "laws" amount to nothing more than a welfare program for cops.

Without enforcers to support, those "laws" would be recognized* as pointless. Or worse.

They don't help or protect or serve anyone, except the political parasites and their enforcers. I wouldn't suffer one bit if those "laws" evaporated.

But, because there are enforcers, and those enforcers want to "do something" (eat, keep a roof over their heads, clothe their crotch-fruit), the welfare program of inventing "laws" keeps feeding them- with money stolen from actual productive people.

It's sad and disturbing that too many people support those destructive rules and the parasites who enforce them.

*Recognized as such by others who aren't you and me, I mean. We see them as they really are already... right?