Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Never a clear answer

Why is it so hard to get a clear answer from a statist?

I watched an interaction where a statist advocated solving some problems with laws. He was accused of promoting violence for this stance and he denied it.

Then, he was asked a very simple question: How are laws enforced?

He deflected rather than answer the question. So, he was asked again. And again. Over and over. 

He wouldn't-- or couldn't-- answer the question. 

So, since he kept ignoring the other person, I stepped in and asked him how legislation is enforced. He claimed he had already answered the question and was tired of being asked. (I'm sure he was tired of it!)

I posted a link (see the end of this post) that would have answered the question for him if he had bothered to read it. As was clear from his subsequent responses, he didn't.

He went into rants saying he doesn't think v*ting for legislation is advocating for violence, and that he doesn't object to being forced to do community service if he is ordered to do so for breaking a law.

I tried to get him back on point.

I asked him to assume I (and the other person) didn't see his answer, and just clearly answer it for me.

He didn't. 

Instead, he posted a screenshot of a partial answer he had given earlier, ignoring all follow-up questions by saying he'd already answered. His "answer" stopped at the non-compliant person being taken to court for refusing to do what government demanded. I asked what happens when the person refuses to comply with the court's ruling.

He said he'd already answered and again posted the same screenshot that stopped with the non-compliant victim of legislation being taken to court.

I told him this was like answering the question "How to bake bread?" By saying "Plant some wheat". 

He couldn't go beyond that step, then started complaining that he didn't see how his v*ting for "expanding healthcare" was a threat to anyone. Oh, and then kept calling me a "Republican"/"MAGA"-- with hashtags and everything!

I try my best to stay civil. I think I did, even when he hurled insults.

It's hard-- or impossible-- for a government supremacist to see where their path leads. They just aren't honest enough to face the reality that every single "law" is enforced with the threat of death.

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