Monday, June 06, 2022

They are lying. It's not about safety.

The fastest way to show the world that you're a gullible idiot: advocate for "gun control".
The fastest way to show you're also dishonest: call it "gun safety". 

Gun safety is important. Critical even. The best way to ensure it is to follow the gun safety rules that have been understood for centuries. Sending armed goons to steal people's guns isn't safe for anyone. In fact, I hope it is completely unsafe for the goons and I hope they all die in the attempt.

If-- as mentally declining anti-gun bigot Joe Biden claims-- the 9mm is a "weapon of war", then it's essential to have them when he has declared war on you. 


Anything is a weapon of war when someone declares war on you. You use what you have. I'd rather have something a lot more destructive than 9mm bullets out of a pistol if I'm in a war. But that's just another lie from the anti-gun bigots. 

It's informative that anti-gun bigots have to lie to advance their agenda. The truth isn't on their side, and it looks like they know it.

Even if guns aren't safe, and banning them would save (net) lives, liberty trumps even life, every time.