Thursday, March 12, 2020

Census ad-- not the effect they intended

I've been sick with a miserable cold (no, I'm not going to get tested) for most of the week. This has resulted in me watching a lot more video fodder than usual. Recently, on some streaming service, I saw an ad for the 2020 census. In telling me why my cooperation is essential to the scheme, it said "[the census] determines where billions in funding will be spent".

As if I needed another reason to ignore them when they show up... like I did last time.

I have no right to spend other people's money, nor to encourage anyone to spend other people's money. Not for my benefit nor for the benefit of anyone else. It's simply none of my business beyond opposing theft under all circumstances.

Don't rob people on my behalf and then say I can help you decide where to spend it. It's not the right angle to use if you want to encourage me to cooperate.

And, as I have pointed out in the past, I understand the Constitution requires them to ask, but I've never seen where it requires me to answer. Move along now.

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