Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Crenshaw is right, but not like he believes

Regarding the political scheme to ban TikTok in America, reprehensible government supremacist Dan Crenshaw says, to those who point out that he's on the wrong side, "You’re not defending the First Amendment. Our First Amendment doesn’t apply to the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY."

You're right, Dan. The First Amendment strictly applies to the US feral government, making it illegal for you and your gang of political vermin to ban Tik Tok. As much as I personally dislike TikTok, it doesn't change facts.

The first clue that he's wrong is his use of the word "our" in his post. The next clue is everything else he wrote.

His brain is crippled with government supremacy, so his wrongness isn't surprising. It's still a little sick when exposed for all the world to see like that.

Here are some of the