Monday, April 20, 2015

Would you stop a bank robbery?

Would I intervene to stop a bank robbery?

I'm not so sure.

I suppose if innocent people were in danger, I might. But if it was just to stop a theft... probably not.

Banks have become a tool of the State. From their compliance with all the vile "Patriot act" nonsense to "fractional reserve" banking (which I consider fraud), they are totally controlled by the State and its "laws". They have become nothing more than a branch of "government"- complicit in violating their customers for the benefit of that gang of thugs calling themselves "government".

At least they can't (yet) force you to do business with them against your will.

That doesn't mean I would steal from a bank, but I certainly wouldn't risk my life to stop someone else from doing so.

If it were a free market bank the story would be different. In that case I would look upon a bank robbery as I would any other violation of property, and would do all I could to stop it.