Friday, December 29, 2023

His claim falls flat

I saw a quote from a “conservative” spokesthing saying that “undecideds” are destroying the country from within.

Of course, his solution is for them all to join his cult.

It must truly suck to be that dishonest or clueless.

I’m not “undecided”; I consciously rejected his kind years ago. I decided. 

It is those like him— political archators— who are destroying everything. I reject them. I choose liberty and ethical behavior instead.

He will never talk me into being like him. He can’t shame me into being evil— as if that’s even a thing. Those who reject his backwardness aren’t the problem. 

I see him and those like him, of any political cult, as the real problem. He’s a loser.

This blog is my job. You get to decide if I get paid. 

Thank you.