Sunday, April 01, 2018

Common sense gun deregulation needed

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for February 28, 2018)

It's time to take a hard look at America's gun laws. In fact, it's over a century past due. How many more innocent lives will be snuffed out before people demand change? Before they demand politicians stand up and do what's right?

I'm talking about common-sense gun deregulation.

Anti-gun "laws" can't make anyone safer-- except those who prefer victims who can't fight back effectively. Every gun regulation is a violation of the rights to life, liberty, and property. America has compromised its way into this problem.

No one has the right to regulate guns (or other weaponry), nor can anyone invent this right through power or popularity. Attempting to do so anyway is ethically as bad as shooting up crowds.

Put government back in its tiny box through common-sense gun deregulation.

It's time to end background checks and to get over the idea that some people can be prohibited from owning guns.
It's time to abolish every "gun free" zone.
It's time to get rid of "laws" controlling who may carry what weapon, where, and in what way, including licensing schemes. Slaves depend on others for defense; free men and women don't.

It's time to stop pretending anyone has the right to decide what type of gun, which gun accessories, or how many rounds of ammunition someone else needs. It's no one's business unless someone is making a credible threat to harm innocent people.
It's time to stop pretending my rights are up for grabs whenever someone other than me commits an act of evil.

It's time to stop acting like liberty is subject to the opinions of emotionally immature and intellectually deficient protesters.
It's time to stop pretending you want to outlaw guns when you are willing to let the police and military keep theirs. You aren't against guns, you just want government to have them all. How would you enforce any gun ban, if not with guns?

It's time to abolish the BATFE. It's a criminal gang from the ground up and has been from the day it was established. End it, without transferring its "job" to another criminal gang like the FBI.

It's time to encourage everyone to accept their sacred responsibility to be properly armed every day, everywhere they go. It's time to fire and sue any government employee who questions any person for exercising this absolute, universal human right.

Get government out of the scam of making up rules concerning guns. The cost of ignoring this problem one more day is too high.
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Presidential Derangement Syndrome

I didn't v*te for Trump. Or anyone. I got over that tail-chasing spasm a while back, and I refuse to consent to a ruler of any sort. And I'm certainly not going to endorse one!

That being said...

Donald Trump was not the dawn of the corrupt, disgusting president. I get tired of statists of the "left" pretending he was. Their most recent darling, Obama, was just as bad, but he was corrupt and disgusting in ways they liked so they ignored it. And still do.

And, really, every president, congressvermin, mayor (except Mayor Stubbs- RIP), councilcritter, etc. is the same. Corrupt to the core, because corruption is built into the "system" and can't be eliminated without abandoning government (the only sane and ethical choice, really).

I also get tired of statists of the "right" pretending Trump is somehow OK, because he's doing what they want (even as he doesn't, but that's another story).

The statists of the "left" love to moan about how awful it is that anyone could have v*ted for Trump. I agree. I also think it was awful anyone threw their support behind Hillary, Bernie, or whatever else was running for the job. Including Vermin Supreme-- the only honest candidate.

Elitist "leftist" statists love to show how elite and enlightened they are by trashing Trump. Let Trump trash himself; he's doing a good job of that. But admitting you supported one of the other parasites doesn't really show you in a good light. And Trump-bashing, while acting as though someone else would have been preferable, is downright delusional.

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