Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ignorance and statism

Ignorance leads to statism. The more I learn- really LEARN- the further from statism I move. Decreasing ignorance makes statism wither. I suppose the opposite is probably also true, although I have yet to actually meet anyone who gets more ignorant with time (barring a stroke or other brain malfunction), but I know lots of people who remain static in their ignorance and in their embrace of statism.

This pattern I have noticed in myself has gone on for years. Is it likely that I will eventually learn enough new things to change the pattern? To begin seeing benefits in statism that aren't outweighed by the negatives? I suppose it's possible, but not likely.

I'm not saying I know everything. Far from it. I try to learn new things all the time- whether I like the implications of what I learn or not.

So far I see no hints of things, in front of me or just beyond the horizon, that would support the idea that statism is ethical or helps humanity.

The bad things I do learn may indicate that humans are prone to statism. It might be "natural" for most of them. It may take many generations for this to change. That doesn't make it in any way good or ethical.

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