Thursday, May 21, 2020

Act stupid; embrace politics

If you want to act stupid, embrace politics.

Politics makes people stupid. This is the one thing I know for certain about politics.

By "politics" I mean choosing sides-- Right-Statism vs. Left-Statism.
I mean believing government is a credible source; believing government is the proper venue for anything.
Believing government should make "policy".
Believing that a v*te concerning anyone else's rights or liberty is legitimate.
Arguing that "taxation" isn't theft... in some magical way that is never adequately explained.
Supporting-- or even nearly worshiping-- armed government employees of any sort, no matter what they do, pretending it's only some "bad apples" who are the problem.
Making the argument that since people aren't perfect angels, we must allow those people who seek to hold power over others to have that power which they seek... and that this is somehow going to work out better for almost everyone than the alternative of allowing people to run their own lives.

Politics makes people reject reason, ethics, science, compassion, and anything else which might get in the way. It perverts religions and morality.

It makes some people imagine that if you don't suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome you must be a crazed Trump fan. There can't be any other options in their naked, shivering minds.

It causes people to reject non-political approaches to problems. Everyone admits government schools are a disaster (although some will use less honest terminology), but to suggest abolishing the institution is unthinkable. Even when the only argument they can come up with is that they believe it's good or necessary to allow people to rob their neighbors-- through government force-- to help pay for their kids' daycare.

Politics results in stupidity. If you want to act stupid, embrace politics.


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