Friday, January 26, 2024

Absent government, it wouldn't be an issue

This situation between the Texas government and the US government could get "interesting". Do both sides actually believe they are right, or have the Constitution on their side? Delusion.

It’s unfortunate that the “laws” in America are so bad that “immigration” is seen as a problem. Or even an issue at all.

It’s a sign that welfare needs to be done away with. That all criminalization of armed defense against property crimes needs to go away forever. That self-defense against attackers-- all attackers-- needs to be encouraged rather than punished. It's why it's utterly stupid to allow politics, democracy, and v*ting to have any power to violate individual rights and liberty.

These are the types of counterfeit rules that allow sick borderists to try to escalate the police state to “secure the border”. They can get away with pretending it's about defense when government is allowed to criminalize actual defense.

It’s right to protect society from criminals, but it’s wrong to do it the way they are trying to do it; by making America into an open-air prison camp. 

It’s inconceivable that some supposed libertarians are siding with borderist authoritarians to support and justify locking down the “border” instead of attacking the reason people see "border control" as essential and “immigration”* as a problem. Why don't they attack the root of the problem instead? I don't know.

But, I sympathize a little. They don't want "those people" moving into "their" country, but they also still want to keep a political government around for some reason. Tradition, or they can't imagine life without it, maybe? They can't even process the fact that government is forbidden to control "immigration" by the very document they worship when it supports things they want. Because yes, anything government isn't explicitly allowed to do by the Constitution is forbidden.

"Immigration" is not a problem except that government has been allowed to grow to the point where it makes it a problem for its own benefit and to increase its own power and "authority". Yes, "both sides" are doing it. Disgusting!

*Government importing people from other parts of the world is not "immigration", and is a separate issue. One caused, again, by government.

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