Friday, June 09, 2023

Newsom proposes a 28th amendment

By now you've probably heard of California governizer Gruesome Newsom’s proposed 28th Amendment to the Constitution. "While leaving the 2nd Amendment unchanged and respecting America’s gun-owning tradition" he plots to violate the 2nd Amendment like never before. He wants to leave the words unchanged while completely taking away the limits it places on government.

He's right-- it doesn't change the Second Amendment, it just violates it into irrelevance.

This is like saying I’ll leave your body unchanged and respect your human rights while I hack off your arms and legs with a cleaver. My words wouldn't match my actions-- I would be lying. Judge me by what I do, not what I say. Do the same with him.

Just because a powerful political criminal asserts that he isn't breaking the law and is respecting you doesn't make it true. He's lying. (What a shock.)

And, yet again, I remind you that the right to own and to carry weapons (not just firearms) doesn't come from the 2nd Amendment or any document and doesn't hinge on government's cooperation. It is a fundamental human right that predates the first government and will outlast the final one. 

People in London England, Mbeya Tanzania, Abilene Texas, Sydney Australia, and any other place on the planet you can (or can't) think of have the exact same right-- it's just that the local political criminals routinely violate it and have brainwashed most of their victims into accepting the violation. It is a basic human right inherent in every human alive, on or off the planet. No rules can change this fact.

Be warned: governments will murder you for exercising this right, so be as sneaky and cautious as you have to be, depending on the specific depravity of the nearest political criminals.

The only unique thing the Second Amendment does (and it doesn't do it very well) is make it a crime-- a serious crime-- for any government employee in America to impose or enforce any rule restricting weapons in any way. It's just that it's "illegal" to hold them accountable in any meaningful way.

It is good that Gruesome Newsom has finally admitted that the anti-gun rules he wants to impose are illegal under the 2nd Amendment, and he’d need a whole new amendment to get them. This admission needs to be used against him and his agenda.

It's up to you to live in liberty in spite of the tyrannical rules imposed around you. Everyone now and into the future is counting on you. Outlast the tyrants. We CAN do it!


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