Friday, December 16, 2022

Not government's job

It is not government's job to keep you safe.

Even if you could change reality and make it government's job, it is utterly incapable of doing this. Any attempt will harm your safety and destroy liberty.

Military adventurism, done with the excuse of making the world "safer" makes you less safe. It endangers you in very real ways.

Anti-gun rules, always "for safety", have the opposite effect.

All the Covid policies eroded your safety.

The TSA is a gang of terrorists infesting airports-- and lusting to expand their terrorism to all other modes of transport if given half a chance. Is it safe to allow yourself to be naked-scanned and groped? Not really.

Police, "laws", prohibition-- ALL of it makes you much less safe.

Complete safety isn't an option. Never, under any circumstance. Striving for total safety, especially if you are using government, is counterproductive.

Besides, liberty is the greatest good. Imaginary safety-- or even real safety, if that were possible-- doesn't come close.

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