Monday, September 25, 2023

Biden's new Ministry of Gun Lies

National Embarrassment Biden has established a Ministry of Gun Lies, to be run by Spare National Embarrassment (SNE) Harris.

Really it's just more of the same. Lies, bigotry, and slavery-- things government does "better" (or at least more of) than any other criminal gang.

You are their enemy, and they don't want you armed. They'll do whatever they can to make it happen; to disarm you. To enslave you like people in most other "civilized" [sic] countries are enslaved-- so deeply that they will fight you for suggesting they are enslaved. They don't want Master called on the carpet.

"Gun violence" is a lie. It always has been, and everyone who uses the phrase unironically without realizing it's a lie is stupid. They've been zombified by politics. Politics makes people stupid.

There is archation and there is everything else. If archation occurs, the tool is utterly irrelevant. It's stupid to focus on the tool when the problem is the people committing archation

But if they want to focus on the tools... government is a tool which kills many times more innocent people than guns. Government aggression (initiated violence) is a much bigger threat than guns could ever be. If something needs to be controlled to keep everyone safe, it's not guns. 

So when SNE Harris says we have a right to live "free from violence", we should interpret that as her resignation. Government is initiated violence-- every time, in every way. We do have the right to live free of it. So when will they put their money where their mouth is and disband the whole nasty monstrosity? Don't hold your breath; they are liars.

Is there a "right to be safe"? Well, no. Of course not. Safety is an illusion. 

Violating others because you feel unsafe is evil. Harris is openly promoting evil. Again.

You have the right to defend yourself from anyone initiating violence, and this has the potential to make you safer, but safety itself isn't a right. Not "civil", not "human". Not when you choose to violate others to achieve (the illusion of) safety. I don't think violating others to feel safer makes you any safer. Bullies increase their own risk by being bullies, even if they don't know it. Anti-gun bigots are promoters of initiated violence and they are bullies. They believe they'll always get away with it.

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